iOS 11 Release Date

iOS 11 May be Bringing Group Calling Features Via FaceTime

According to the newest reports, Apple’s next operating system will be brought in a handful of new features that have long been in demand by Apple fans. Among those are the ability to make group calls via FaceTime video. As per latest speculation, the iOS 11 will be bringing in this new feature – multi-user FaceTime calls. Which is great news, it only remains to be seen if that truly happens when the iOS 11 will be launched in September 2017. Although the iOS 11 Release Date too is up for speculations.

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Before beginning, the bit of background about the iOS. The operating system was launched along with the first generation iPhone back in 2007. Later its support was extended to iPad and iPod Touch. By the beginning of 2017, Apple’s App Store has over 2.2 million iOS apps and out of which 1 million are native for iPads. Together these apps are downloaded for over 130 billion times.

The rumors don’t just stop there; apparently, Apple is planning to make the feature more of an experience. The app will be coming with new features like filter etc., the things one find in Snapchat and the likes. Apple seems like want to ride the success trail of Snapchat off the back of Snapchat. Of course, we don’t mind. In fact, it’s something we are looking forward to, as are most of the fans eagerly waiting for the roll out of the iOS 11 in (most likely) September 2017.

There are a handful of other features that we are expecting from the iOS 11 update like the dark mode and a smarter and more natural-sounding Siri. The dark mode is something that we have wanted for a long, long time and now knowing that it might come to the iOS 11 gives us hope. In fact, we had expected the night mode to arrive in the last OS which is the iOS 10. An early beta release of the iOS 10 had a dark mode that had got Apple loyalists very excited, but ultimately the OS did now have a night mode. But that could just have been a warm up for the next the OS. At least we really do hope so.

Another feature the iOS 11 could be bringing in is a smarter and more natural-sounding Siri, which is more that we can hope for. With Samsung launching Bixby, their own in-house AI, it is kind of obvious that Apple will try to step up its game with Siri. As far as we have heard, the Siri of iOS 11 will be bringing a smarter Siri that will open a world of possibility with AI’s. The working with more advanced Siri, one will get the opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime. One would get the experience of interacting with a real person than a bot. And that’s all we have for you with regards to the Apple next operating system called the iOS 11.