iOS 12 News So Far Indicate a Revamped DND Mode Alongside Other Exciting Features

Tech companies over the past few years are concocting fresher innovations with their high-end as well as low-tier smartphones. While Vivo is world’s most importantly cell phone mammoth to join the under-show unique mark examining innovation, Apple is nowhere neglecting to amaze fans with newer technologies.

What Apple began a decade ago as the first brand to own high-end devices is set to make a redesign with discontinuation of certain technologies that were Apple’s ‘awe-factor’. Figuring out what Apple can offer with its upcoming OS in June, here’s some of the iOS 12 news that we have seen so far.

iOS 12 News Indicate a Revised DND, Animojis and More

To go by the recent reports, Apple will include more updates on the upcoming iOS 12. The latest iOS 12 news hints at the fact that Apple will bring features expected for iOS 11 update but reportedly were delayed due to the fact that Apple wanted to upgrade its in-house process of developing the apps as well as introducing it to the globe.

Now the latest report says that instead of putting burdens on engineers in order to develop annual updates on time as well as cramp features in a single update, the American tech conglomerate is solely focusing on the next operating system update for its iPhone as well as iPad series for next two years time span.

According to what the recent reports indicate, the biggest change which Apple will bring with its next-generation iOS 12 is the facility by which it can enable a single third-party app to the iPhones, the iPads as well as the Mac devices. The new update as per this iOS 12 news indicates that it will be integrated into the macOS 10.14. And much to go deep into the report, Apple might also add some of the iPhone as well as iPad apps to Mac devices with the same update.

It would be noteworthy to mention that the report also indicates that Apple might also introduce a new update to Animojis used in the iPhones or the iPads, with the inclusion of some new characters as well as a more user-friendly navigation menu too. In addition, the company is set to introduce the same Animojis feature to the FaceTime that would enable users to put virtual faces over a video call on their respective faces.

Wrap Up

We hope a slew of exciting features shall be introduced with the upcoming iOS 12. For more details on iOS 12 news and rumors, choose to stay tuned right here. I am early waiting for ios 12 beta release